Harry Klapheke

7th Degree Black Belt, main instructor/owner, former president of a regional quick service restaurant company, author of "Black Belt Leadership". Been studying martial arts for 30 years and owned Elite for 15 years.

We teach every day life skills including respect, integrity, humility, goal setting and other essential skills to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Katie & jim hasse

Katie is Jim's daughter and a 4th degree Black Belt and working on her doctorate at UCLa.  Jim is a 3rd Degree Black Belt, corporate executive, head coach of Harpeth High School volleyball program.

john haines

2rd Degree Black Belt, 6 years experience teaching at Elite Martial Arts

We build confidence, self respect, love for others and self, develop good physical conditioning and self defense.

Katie and Nathan Scott

1st Degree Black Belts, have been students at Elite for 4 years with 1 year teaching experience.

What we do

Why Martial Arts?

We are not locked into specific styles.  We use the best techniques from Tae Kwon Do, Okinawan style karate, Israeli style self defense, Goju Shorei weapons to name a few. 

children's and adult classes


We have separate classes for adults and children.  Each group learns differently, therefore they are separated. On Friday's, however, we have a mixed class to allow parents to work out with their children.

What style do we teach?


Connor is a senior at Harpeth High School and has joined the Navy and will begin his military training in June 2016.  He is a 1st degree Black Belt and will be testing for 2nd in May.